Nickie Renee 2017

Nickie Renee castro

Makeup Artistry - An aspiring makeup artist professional whose skills range from day to night makeup application to creative and special effects makeup artistry. Her views of the craft are to enhance whats already naturally beautiful and to develop ways of visual self-expression. She uses makeup as an creative outlet to say more than just words could, and although the passion comes from the pure enjoyment for herself, she loves making others feel like they are capable of all forms of beauty to their comfort whether they choose to wear makeup on an everyday basis or not. To her, makeup is a reason to not only boost confidence but to bring out the fabulous soul within in all it's artistic capabilities. After all, it is art design for the face and body. 

Photography Art - An ever growing art form thats timeless and infinite. 

Writings - A Warrior Writers member and poetry novice. 

Art/ Drawings/ Doodles - Specific in zentangle and mandala designs while continuing to explore new techniques and mediums. <3